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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions you may have about B. Caapi.

Feel free to contact us with any questions not included here.

If you swallow right away, your gastric system will neutralize 1/2. You will loose 1/2 of the beautiful harmala alkaloids and MAO-I.

For best absorption, It is advised to hold under the tongue and allow the capillaries to absorb as much of the dose as possible. This usually takes 2 – 10 minutes and is perfect when doing meditation or an activity that does not require you to talk. 

On your first day with B. Caapi you might be naturally drawn to take your first dose at a particular time of day. Don’t over think it. 

Take your dose as mentioned above and relax into your day or evening.

If it keeps you awake at night you’ll want to adjust and take your B. Caapi in the morning. You will still experience a good sleep if taken in the AM.  Your body will tell you the right time of day that’s right for you. You can also add an afternoon dose if you’re having an exceptionally challenging day.

As you begin to micro-dose B. Caapi dreams may become vivid and in high definition! Keep a dream journal by your bedside to reference back during meditation and watch how your dreams evolve.

A phone alarm or repeating daily calendar reminder is helpful to remind you to take your drops.

Pick a time  you do not have to talk to anyone, like when you get up and are making your bed, taking a shower, before meditation, or when you’re doing your nightly routine.  This will help you hold the drops under your tongue as long as possible allowing your capillaries to absorbed the magic.   If you find it difficult to hold the drops under your tongue, don’t worry, at first it feels tricky, but you will quickly begin to love it and miss the days you don’t take them.

Remember if it’s morning or evening, 2 drops or 10 drops, the vine of the soul (B. Caapi) knows exactly what you need.

What is Ayahuasca?

If you need help tapping into your inner guide
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