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What our community says

“Heal your vibe was my answer to feeling calm and getting deep sleep. Before using, I suffered from insomnia. Now, my two drop dosage helps me get deep, restful sleep and have lucid dreams. I’d recommend this any day if you’re seeking sleep and relief from anxiety.”

Faith E.
“I feel very connected, calm and centered when I use 7-10 drops of the sublingual Aya micro-dose. I find that it affects my dreams in an interesting and generally positive way – like they are more potent and meaningful, it seems. Overall, I find this to be a great way to connect with this wonderful plant in a subtle, but powerful way.”
John R.
“This beautiful creation has brought balance and awareness into my life.
I am so thankful and happy to have had the opportunity to receive this blessed medicine from Neera. Not only has this brought clarity and balance into my life, but it has stimulated my creative flow. I highly recommend the Aya drops from Neera.
She brings a special nurturing touch when putting it together.”
Stephanie C.
“I am very thankful for the opportunity to try the aya microdosing from Neera. I am familiar with ceremonial work with mother Aya. Having the opportunity to have this in my home for inner work as well as dream work is amazing. Her drops come from the jungle and this is the best place to get the B. Caapi drops from they assisted me in healing, inner emotional work, and lucid dreaming work. Do not hesitate to try them.”
“Micro-dosing with the Vine Vibes B. Caapi drops has helped me become more consistent and intentional with my daily practices. They allow me to be more balanced, mindful, heart-opening, calm, and aware of how I’m treating myself and others. In sights about my relationships and personal struggles seem to flow without even consciously thinking about them.
It’s really a great way to reconnect and reflect on past ceremonies and continue working on those blocks that hold us back from living life with the most love! Thank you Neera for the love and guidance sent with the drops. Shipping was really fast too! I will be getting more of these. ”
“As a student under high stress, aya drops have really helped me improve my sleep patterns and manage my anxiety.”
These drops are a game changer for me and I will continue to use them and benefit from their healing source.”
Tomorrow L.