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Say hi to your sanctuary!

Aya Bliss is more than just an experience, it’s your sanctuary. It’s the energy that helps you move through whatever you’re facing.

It’s the sacred connection to Mother Aya that’s helping you emerge feeling centered, grounded and joyful. Change your vibration to a higher state.

The vine

B. Caapi is a legal, natural vine containing therapeutic compounds that are being scientifically researched to be beneficial in relieving symptoms of neuro-degenerative diseases, depression and anxiety.* The use of B. Caapi dates back 1,000 years and is the main non-halucinogenic plant source used in Ayahuasca.

Surrender to the power and become the power.

The Drops

Full of tranquil frequencies, Aya Bliss drops are made with only two ingredients: Banisteriopsis Caapi extract and distilled water.

With 5 drops it’s your daily signal to turn inward and prioritize your well-being.Your inner being knows where your path lies…it’s time to give it a chance and listen to it.

Only 2 Ingredients

B. Caapi also known as the “plant teacher” across the Amazon due to it’s incredible health benefits.

Distilled water will help detoxify your body and improve your health. Every dose is  blended in a sterile facility with unconditional love and specific intention for each individual.

Faith E. – Testimonials

“Aya Bliss was my answer to feeling calm and getting deep sleep. Before using, I suffered from insomnia. Now, my two drop dosage helps me get deep, restful sleep and have lucid dreams. I’d recommend this any day if you’re seeking sleep and relief from anxiety.”

Our drops are blended in a sanitized environment with unconditional love and specific intention for each individual.